Aadhar Psychiatry Hospital, Solapur — Psychiatric Treatment Center

A committed center for short term and long term care of patients with psychiatric disorders.

At Aadhar Psychiatry Hospital, we aim at providing quality psychiatric treatment services at an affordable price under one roof.

We offer specialized care of individuals suffering from addiction problems, sexual problems, child psychiatry, neuro psychiatry, rehabilitation & all other types of psychiatric disorders.

Why choose Aadhar Psychiatry Hospital?

If you are looking for a center specialized in integrated psychiatric treatment of individuals with above problems, Aadhar Hospital is the answer. We say so because —

  • 7.5 years of committed service of psychiatry patients.
  • Centre lead by qualified & experienced psychiatrists.
  • Experienced, qualified & caring team of mental health professionals committed to continuously improving the patient experience.
  • Protocol based management of common psychiatric disorders.
  • Close proximity, very good rail & road connectivity of Solapur to Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijapur & Gulbarga.
  • Safe & monitored premises with quality essential amenities specially designed for care of psychiatry patients.
  • Best class treatment at affordable cost.
  • Pleasant & soothing environment in hospital vicinity.
  • Medium sized hospital setup which ensures personalized attention to each patient.
  • Recommendations by the patients in the past reflected in the positive feedback received from them.

Our team

Dr. Prasanna Khatawkar
Dr. Prasanna Khatawkar
M.B.B.S., D.P.M., F.A.G.E., D.N.B. (Psychiatry)
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Shrikant Patankar
Dr. Shrikant Patankar
M.B.B.S., D.P.M., M.D. (Psychiatry)
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Gauri Nadkarni
Ms. Gauri Nadkarni – Choudhary
M.A., M.Phil (Clinical Psychology)
Clinical Psychologist

Visiting doctors

Dr. Pradeep R. Joshi (Physician)
Dr. Gorakh M. Rokade (Anaesthetist)
Dr. Jagadish Birajdar (Opthalmologist)

Facilities At Aadhar Hospital, Solapur

Psychiatric Treatment Center - OPDAadhar Hospital OPD
Electro Sleep TherapyElectro Sleep Therapy
ECT Room ECT Room
Yoga HallYoga Hall
Aadhar Psychiatry Hospital - wardWard
Special RoomSpecial Room
Deluxe RoomDeluxe Room
Super Deluxe RoomSuper Deluxe Room