10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting


  • Respect your child. Listen to him.
  • Avoid comparisons – with siblings, friends, relatives etc.
  • Make promises only which you can keep !
  • Do not give threats which you can’t implement.
  • Maintain consistency in reward and punishment pattern.
  • Practice what you preach ! Maintain self discipline and respect of law to demonstrate this to your child. e.g. – respecting elders, following traffic rules, having a daily schedule etc.
  • Your behaviour is the best way of telling and teaching your child what is expected of him.
  • Appreciate the child in public, but criticize him individually in isolation.
  • Ensure your child knows, that you are always available for him whenever essential.
  • Never make child the ‘judge’ for arguments among parents. Parents should respect each other if they expect the child to respect them.
  • Pray regularly and have at least one meal together.
    Happy Parenting !