Dr. Khatawkar’s Psychiatry Clinic

Aadhar Psychiatry Hospital’s psychiatry clinic at walking distance from the city center just for your convenience.

Personalized up-scale consultation with prior appointments
on Friday & Saturday only.

Dr. Khatawkar’s Psychiatry Clinic
1st Floor, Jamdar Towers, 138, Muraraji Peth, Near Supraja Pavbhaji Centre, Lucky Chowk, Opp. Killa Baug New Gate, Near Hirachand Nemchand Library,
Solapur, MH — 413001

Mobile No.: 0937-270-7100
                  : 0942-070-7100
For appointments call between 10 am to 8 pm and ask for     Mrs. Jyoti.

Upscale Personal Consultation

  • Personalized upscale consultation with prior appointments only on Friday and Saturday.
  • Walk in therapy not available.

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