Alcohol De-addiction Treatment

Aadhar Hospital not only helps you get rid of your addiction, but also tries that you do not fall back into it.

Alcohol De-addictionAre you having a problem with alcohol?

Do you wish to get rid of the habit and live a healthy, full-filling life? If yes, Aadhar Psychiatry Hospital can help you get rid of this addiction.

We ensure comprehensive alcohol de-addiction treatment with qualified psychiatrists, caring support staff and a very safe environment. We also ensure complete confidentiality.

Why get treated at Aadhar Hospital?

Alcohol de-addiction is not just about taking medicines. It involves patient and family education, counseling, motivation, support groups & regular follow-ups along with proper medicines and expert supervision.

This comprehensive alcohol de-addiction treatment is available at Aadhar Hospital. Aadhar Hospital not only ensures that you get rid of your addiction, but also ensures that you do not fall back into addiction.

What is the structure of the Alcohol De-addiction Treatment Program?

The Aadhar Hospital Alcohol Treatment consists of 3 stages.

  1. De-toxification stage: Detailed investigations are done on the patient to ensure that the patient can undergo the treatment without medical complications.Proper medicines are given to the patient to remove alcohol and related toxins from the patient’s body. This ensures prevention of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  2. De-addiction stage: Patients and their family members undergo counseling to understand the process and prepare themselves for the de-addiction treatment. Patients are taught drug refusal and self-motivation techniques which helps them to manage their craving for alcohol. Patients are educated about the personal, familial and social evils of alcoholism.
    Patients are given proper medicines which get them started on the path of alcohol de-addiction.
  3. Re-lapse prevention stage: Regular follow-ups are done with patient to ensure that they maintain on the path of de-addiction and to motivate them further. Patients attend support group meetings with other patients which help them remain motivated. Alcohol de-addiction medicines are continued during this stage.


How long does it take to get treatment of alcohol de-addiction?

Our alcohol de-addiction treatment program duration varies from patient to patient and other medical problems that patient may have. Generally patients get treated within 6 to 12 months. The duration of each stage is as follows:-

  1. De-toxification stage – 2 to 4 days
  2. De-addiction stage – 3 to 5 days
  3. Relapse prevention stage – 6 months to 12 months

How much does the alcohol de-addiction treatment cost?

Aadhar hospital continuously strives to provide best of the care at affordable costs to the patient. The treatments costs vary from patient to patient based on the duration of the treatment as well as other medical problems the patient may have.

Generally, the cost of treatment for alcohol addiction is Rs. 3000/- (Includes hospital followup fee for one year). Medicines and diagnostics as charged as actual.

Hospitalization costs (inclusive of stay, doctor’s fees, and nursing charges) are as given below:-

  • Ward — Rs. 1300 per day
  • Special Room — Rs. 1900 per day
  • Deluxe Room — Rs. 2400 per day
  • Super Deluxe A/C Room — Rs. 2900 per day

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