Depression Treatment

Depression is a serious illness that requires both attention and treatment. Aadhar Hospital can help you to get rid of depression.

Depression is a commonly seen mood disorder characterized mainly by depressed mood and sad feeling. 8-12 % of males and 15-20 % of females in world’s population suffer from depression in their whole life span.

Signs and symptoms of depression

Depression Treatment

  1. Feeling of sadness or unhappiness
  2. loss of interest in day to day activities
  3. Anger outbursts or frustrations over trivial things
  4. Tiredness
  5. Sleep disturbances
  6. Insomnia or excessive sleep
  7. Slowness of activities
  8. Inability to concentrate and to perform
  9. Reduced appétit
  10. Suicidal thoughts

Often these complaints are associated with physical complaints.

Why Aadhar Hospital for treatment of depression?

At aadhar hospital, we work as a team to treat your patient. The team includes two qualified psychiatrists and a medical support team with well qualified staff, in a safe, fresh, soothning environment at an affordable price. We also ensure complete privacy and confidentiality of all our patients.

What is the structure of the depression treatment program?

The depression treatment involves long term medical as well as psychological treatments.

  1. Medical treatment — Antidepresant medicines are given to relieve the symptoms. Some other treatment (ECT) is also used.
  2. Psycho therapy — Long term hospitalization helps for rehabilitation and thus leading to a normal healthy life. If patient is showing suicidal tendency then hospitalization is must and beneficial decision.

Hospitalization costs (inclusive of stay, doctor’s fees, and nursing charges) are as given below:-

  • Ward — Rs. 1300 per day
  • Special Room — Rs. 1900 per day
  • Deluxe Room — Rs. 2400 per day
  • Super Deluxe A/C Room — Rs. 2900 per day