Mania Treatment

Aadhar Hospital offers acute & long-term treatment of mania after a thorough assessment and diagnosis.

What is Mania?

Mania is a mood disorder. In more patients mood is abnormally elevated with aroused energy levels. Mania varies in intensity, from mild mania (hypo-mania) to full mania with extreme energy, racing thoughts, and forced speech.

A manic episode is defined in the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual as a period of seven or more days (or any period if admission to hospital is required) of unusually and continuously effusive elated or irritable mood, where the mood is not caused by drugs/medication or a medical illness, and is causing obvious difficulties at work or in social relationships and activities, or requires admission to hospital to protect the person or others, or the person is suffering psychosis.

Why Aadhar Hospital for treatment of mania?

  1. Team of two psychiatrists and well trained staff
  2. Specialized, well designed goal oriented programs for mania patients
  3. Education programs for patient as well as family members
Acute & long-term treatment of mania at Aadhar Hospital

What is the structure of the mania treatment program?

  1. Pharmachotherapy
  2. Psychotherapy self-help coping strategies, and healthy lifestyle choices.


How much does it cost to get treatment for mania?

Aadhar hospital continuously strives to provide best of the care at an affordable cost to the patient. The treatment costs may vary from patient to patient based on the duration of the treatment as well as other medical problems the patient may have.

Therapy charges variable.

Medicines and diagnostics charged as actuals.

Hospitalization charges (inclusive of stay, doctor’s fees, and nursing charges) are as given below:-

  • Ward — Rs. 1300 per day
  • Special Room — Rs. 1900 per day
  • Deluxe Room — Rs. 2400 per day
  • Super Deluxe A/C Room — Rs. 2900 per day

To ensure good follow-up and treatment compliance, Aadhar hospital has a Red Card Facility which significantly cuts the cost of long term treatment.

Red Card Facility at Aadhar Hospital

Red Card Facility at Aadhar Hospital