Schizophrenia Treatment

Aadhar Hospital treats the patients suffering from schizophrenia using medical as well as non-pharmacological treatments & utmost care.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a long-term mental health condition or psychotic illness. It is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

What are the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia?

Patient suffering from schizophrenia can show the following psychological symptoms —

  • Delusions: These are false beliefs not based on reality.
  • Hallucinations: These involve false perceptions.
  • Disorganized thinking: It includes impaired communication and complete or partial irrelevant talk.
  • Disorganized or abnormal behavior: It includes abnormal behaviors, inappropriate and bizarre postures, unfocused activities at times complete lack of response.
  • Negative symptoms: These are lack of emotions. e.g. not changing facial expressions, reduced eye to eye contact, monotonous speech, inability to carry out daily activities, neglecting personal hygiene, social withdrawal etc.

Why choose Aadhar Hospital for treatment of schizophrenia?

Dr. Prasanna Khatavkar & Dr. Shrikant Patankar have years of experience treating patients suffering from schizophrenia.

At Aadhar hospital, our team takes the utmost care to treat the patient. we are always concerned for the patient’s well-being. We always strive to make your visit or stay a pleasant one.

The hospital premises are safe, fresh & the environment is soothing. We aim to provide integrated treatment & support to our patients at affordable prices. We also ensure complete privacy and confidentiality of all our patients.

What is the structure of the schizophrenia treatment Program?

The treatment program includes —

  1. Short term treatment program: This phase is oriented mainly towards symptom control. It includes medical management, so as to control the aggression and agitation of the patient. It also includes family education.
  2. Long term treatment program: This includes medical management and psycho-social interventions. Once the patient settles with the medicines & other treatments, the role of psycho-social interventions starts.
    • Individual therapy: It includes learning to cope with stress and identify early signs of relapse.
    • Social skills training: The focus is on improving communication and social interactions.
    • Family therapy: It includes family education, so as to take care of the patient.
    • Vocational rehabilitation and supported employment
  3. Regular follow-ups on short term basis: Aadhar hospital provides schemes for patients for follow-up at a lower cost, so as to reduce financial burden on the care-taker.

How long does it take to treat schizophrenia?

The duration of treatment for schizophrenia may vary for every individual.

It depends on the sub-type of schizophrenia and various other factors which have been mentioned in earlier presentation. It also depends on the other co-morbid medical problems that patient may have. Generally the symptoms get well controlled within 6 to 12 months.


How much does the treatment for schizophrenia cost?

Aadhar hospital continuously strives to provide best of the care at an affordable cost to the patient. The treatment costs may vary from patient to patient based on the duration of the treatment as well as other medical problems the patient may have.

Therapy charges variable based on specialized schizophrenia care program. Medicines and diagnostics charged as actual.

Hospitalization costs (inclusive of stay, doctor’s fees, and nursing charges) are as given below:-

  • Ward — Rs. 1300 per day
  • Special Room — Rs. 1900 per day
  • Deluxe Room — Rs. 2400 per day
  • Super Deluxe A/C Room — Rs. 2900 per day

To ensure good follow-up and treatment compliance, Aadhar hospital has a Red Card Facility which significantly cuts the cost of long term treatment.

Red Card Facility at Aadhar Hospital

Red Card Facility at Aadhar Hospital