…………and Siddhu smiled !


Siddhu, studing in 1st standard was brought to me about 6 months back for being completely mute (silent) for 3-4 days. His entire family was worried and had come along with him to my hospital.
On spending time with the kid, few things were noted. He was the only child of a working couple. Apparently Siddhu had received appreciation in form of three golden stars for his school activities in prior 10 days. However, parents had not noticed this, as they were too busy ! The aaya (caretaker) who used to look after Siddhu for entire day, didn’t understand what the kid was talking about ! On Sunday too the couple had gone out for a social get-together leaving Siddhu with the caretaker. So, Siddhu didn’t get the appreciation he expected, from his parents.

The above issues were brought to notice of the parents, who readily accepted their mistake and agreed to make necessary changes in their interaction with Siddhu.
Thus, things changed for good for Siddhu…….

…… and Siddhu smiled !

Moral of the story
1) Appreciate your children for the smallest good deeds.
2) Spend time with them. Never compromise on time committed to them, at any cost.
3) This applies mainly to nuclear families with no grandparents.

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