The man with the stolen fan…..

Stolen Fan

It was about 7 pm. It was raining outside. I was waiting for my wife in my car along with our son. That’s when I saw a person, walking next to my car. I could make out that he was an alcoholic, from his swaying walk. He was carrying a brand new fan in his hand, probably stolen from somewhere !

Something interesting happened next….

As that man continued to walk, he came across a apparently well-to-do couple, who were passing by, with their two school going children approximately 12-14 years of age. The alcoholic man offered them to sell the fan for a petty sum, which probably he needed for his next drink. The husband definitely appeared to be intelligent enough to understand that this man must have stolen this fan from somewhere and was selling at a very low cost. The couple purchased the fan and gave that person the sum he asked for. A very smart deal apparently..!

I was just thinking about this incidence….

I was not worried about or thinking about the price of the fan, nor about the person purchasing the stolen fan. I was just thinking about the children of the couple.

What had they learnt and perceived from this incident and from their parents ????
What do you think ?

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