10 basic principles of managing your anger

Anger Management

Many people are known to have anger outburst or time at again. These people because of there anger out burst, land up themselves in various difficult situations. These are the basic principles of controlling & managing your anger.

  • Try and identify the events and the things which make you angry commonly.
  • Try to stay away from events & things which make you angry. And if it is not possible, try to identify ways of getting the same things done in some other way.
  • Whenever you start becoming aware that you are going to angry, try to walk away from that situation and stay away that situation till the episodes went away. So that the situation will not worsen further.
  • You can learn various psychological technics like relaxation technics which may be helpful for controlling your anger. You can learn these technics from a psychiatrists or a psychologists.
  • If you feel you have a personality profile which is don’t for anger out burst, try to stay away from the situations & the events which can precipitate these anger out burst.
  • Whenever you are going to angry take few moments and ask yourselves few questions like do you need to get angry at all, what is the reason for you get angry? If you get angry, are you going to benefit or are you going to loose? If you get angry, are you going to insult or disturb or trouble people around you who care for you. try to consider these facts and control your anger to the extent possible.
  • It will be good for people who get angry to get involve various hobbies and some physical games like football or other games where they went out their aggression & probably your positive development to their anger out burst.
  • Start maintaining the ‘anger diary’. The anger Diary helps you to note down the events and situations which cause anger out burst & discuss with an expert methods of dealing with this anger out burst.
  • These are the few of principles which are helpful in general. The best principle still says remains the same which has been taught to us by great grandmother or the grandmother, try to count 1-10 before expressing the anger. It is one of the most effective method of doing it.
  • I think you are not able to control anger with these stage, probably talking to your psychiatrist may be helpful.

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